TPM 20th Anniversary: A Guide To CommTech Chips

5/20/2019 The Phantom Menace CommTech Chips Hasbro

Completing a full set of Episode I CommTech chips can be challenging because Hasbro canceled or delayed some figures which caused gaps in the CommTech chip numbering. In order to help you get organized and find out if you have a full set at home have a look at the Guide To CommTech Chips.

CommTech Guide

TPM 20th Anniversary: Toy Catalog

5/20/2019 The Phantom Menace Hasbro

We've pulled out an Episode I booklet from 1999 and scanned in all the pages. This turned out to be a lot of fun and it's interesting to see what Star Wars figures were advertised, you'll find Episode I figures in it, but they also mixed the Original Trilogy in with some Power Of The Force figures. Towards the back you find the board and electronic games which were hip at the time. Go and have fun looking at all the toys!

Episode I Toys

TPM 20th Anniversary: CommTech Chips!

5/20/2019 The Phantom Menace Hasbro

We've added every commtech chip from the 1999 Episode I Collection to the database. Each figure entry now shows the chip and you can listen to all the voice samples. Keep in mind that the technology is 20 years old now and some of the voice samples sound quite distorted. It was a fun toy line with a neat gimmick, have fun browsing the Episode I collection and listen to the voice samples!

CommTech chips

TPM 20th Anniversary: Get A Patch!

5/19/2019 The Phantom Menace

Episode I focus collector Manoah Crane is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of The Phantom Menace by giving away some custom made patches! We think they turned out great, tap on the image to visit his page on Facebook and stay tuned to J.B. for a give-away coming up in the near future! 

Manoah Crane

The Peter Mayhew Memorial Coin

5/19/2019 Peter Mayhew Chewbacca

100% of the net proceeds benefit the Peter Mayhew Foundation
Get your coin on the official website here!

Peter Mayhew passed away on April 30th, 2019.  The Peter Mayhew Foundation was Peter’s passion for helping others in the form of a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization that helped alleviate suffering in all its forms.  From helping families struggling to receive a life saving transplant, to aiding animal rescues with the funds needed to care for abandoned animals and make them ready for adoption.  Angie Mayhew, Peter’s wife, now takes up the mantle of Executive Director of the Foundation and will continue to deliver on Peter’s moral imperative to help those in need.

As a Commemorative Memorial Challenge Coin we have produced an individually numbered coin with artwork by Peter’s daughter Katy DeHay, and coin design by Richard Gonzalez.  Katy went through hundreds of photos of Peter, from comic convention appearances to Star Wars movie releases to build a portrait of Peter that represented her father at his best.  Each step of the coin’s design process was supervised and approved by the Mayhew family, and everyone had input on the final artwork and coin design.

Along the edge of the coin is a quote “If I See Further It Is By Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants” and each coin is 2″ in diameter.

Limited Edition Variant Coin

For every $20 donation made to the Peter Mayhew Foundation you will receive one (1) challenge coin made with a black nickel core and an antique bronze face.  These coins will be individually numbered with an edition size of 5,000 across all variants.  For every $100 donation made to the Peter Mayhew Foundation, you will receive four (4) of the standard antique bronze coins and as a bonus one (1) bronze coin will be replaced with a limited coin with a brushed silver face.  [NOTE – The above art is the current artistic rendering and may change slightly in production.]  Shipping for this Memorial Coin is set to begin on July 15th.  Please allow 8-12 weeks from July 15th for your coin to arrive.

Please Note the Limited Edition brushed silver variant is limited to 499 units and is only available while supplies last.

Peter Mayhew

Crazy Deals At Barnes'N'Noble!

5/17/2019 The Black Series Hasbro has marked down Black Series 6" action figures drastically. There are some downsides, most of them are sold out online, but if you give it a shot you might just get lucky. Black Series 6" Dewbacks and Rey's Speeders are marked down to $14.99 each, they are sold out online, but you can check your local store availability and pick it up there. 15 bucks for a Black Series Dewback or Rey's Speeder? Wow! 

The new Black Series 6" Archive figures are marked down to $4.99 each, again they are sold out online, but you can check store availability in your area online. 

They also have the fantastic Black Series FX Kylo Ren lightsaber marked down to $49.98 and the FX Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber is marked down to $43.74, and both are available online!

Crazy Deals

JBT - Jedi Business Talk - Episode #12

5/17/2019 JBT Jedi Business Talk Kenner

On episode #12 of J.B.T. Kenner toy design legend Jim Swearingen joins Criz Bee for an hour to talk about the origins of Star Wars action figures. Jim Swearingen designed the first eleven (not twelve) Kenner Star Wars figures, he designed the Kenner Death Star playset, the Kenner X-Wing and Tie Fighter vehicles, and he came up with the concept for the trap doors for the Dewback and TaunTauns. He also designed the very first iteration of the Kenner Boba Fett figure! Listen to the episode and learn what it was like working at Kenner in the 70s, and find out why Star Wars figures are 3.75" tall. All of this and more on JBT episode #12, stream it for free now!

JBT Jedi Business Talk

Galaxy Of Adventures Comic Books

5/16/2019 Galaxy Of Adventures Hasbro

Some collect them, some don't care about them at all. Either way, you can now find a full photo gallery of all the covers and backs of the small 10 page Star Wars Galaxy Of Adventure comic books on the website. Those small collectible comic books were packed in together with Star Wars Galaxy Of Adventure action figures, you can find a full list of figures here: Star Wars Galaxy Of Adventure figures and the comic book photo gallery here.

Star Wars Galaxy Of Adventures

New Additions!

5/15/2019 The Saga Collection Hasbro Revenge Of The Sith

You can now find following figures from the Heroes & Villains series in the database: 

New Star Wars Figures

Target Exclusives Sold Out Or Limited Stock

5/12/2019 Star Wars Retro Collection The Vintage Collection The Black Series

It looks as if moved the Vintage Collection Han Solo (Stormtrooper), the Black Series 6" Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper) and the Star Wars Retro Collection to in-stock at 12am EST. The Retro Collection sold out online within a few minutes and Target removed the figures entirely from their website. The Vintage Collection Han Solo (Stormtrooper) is readily available with in-store pick up, but the Black Series Luke Skywalker figure appears to be limited in availability with most stores in our area (Seattle) only carrying one or none at all. 

Update: The Black Series 6" Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper) sold out. 


The Rise Of Skywalker Product Packaging

5/11/2019 The Rise Of Skywalker Hasbro

During Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 the official Star Wars website revealed the product packaging for the final installment of the Skywalker Saga. The packaging features Kylo Ren in front of a star field next to the classic yellow Star Wars logo. Join us for a look at all the Star Wars packaging designs in the Disney era since 2015.

The Rise Of Skywalker packaging

Everything That You Need To Know About This Weekend!

5/10/2019 Star Wars Retro Collection The Black Series The Vintage Collection

We don't know why Target decided to make this coming Sunday special for Star Wars action figure collectors, but this coming Sunday May 12th 2019, is the day when the street date will be lifted for several new Star Wars figures.

We have a list of figures which should be on store shelves and the corresponding DPCI numbers so you can ask a customer service manager to help you spend your money, have a look!

Star Wars

New Addition: Commander Bacara (Heroes & Villains)

5/10/2019 Revenge Of The Sith The Saga Collection Hasbro

You can now find Clone Commander Bacara from Hasbro's 3.75" The Saga Collection in the database. The figure was part of the Heroes & Villains sub-line in 2006, have a look here: 

Clone Commander Bacara

Commander Bacara