Otoga 222 (With Ody Mandrell) The Episode 1 Collection 1999

Otoga 222 With Ody Mandrell The Episode 1 Collection

Otoga 222


  • The droid was packed-in together with pod racer Ody Mandrell
  • The paint application on the droid is nicely done - with lots of "Tatooine" dirt on it - giving it a used appearance
  • The Otoga 222 maintenance droid has no peg holes in the feet - so that it could be placed on a stand
  • The figure stands shaky


For unbelievable speed and hair-raising action, there is no better sport than Podracing. At the Boonta Eve race, Ody Mandrell's luck runs out during a pit stop when a pit droid gets sucked into his massive engine and shot out the back.


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