Palpatine (Darth Sidous) (Dark Empire II) The Legacy Collection #12, 2008

Palpatine (Darth Sidous)


Emperor Palpatine was killed by Darth Vader in The Return Of The Jedi, or so we thought. Palpatine was brought back to life as a clone in the Dark Empire II comic book series, only to be killed off yet again. This action figure is based on the comics, and it's an interesting concept, because it shows a younger Palpatine with lots of hair. Hasbro made this figure super articulated, and included a blue lightsaber, and removable force lightning which can be snapped-on to the arm of your liking. Overall, the figure is pretty nice and detailed underneath the non-removable soft goods robe including bruces and taped-up legs. The soft goods cloak is a little bit too bulky, but with patience you should be able to make it looks somewhat nice. Palpatine can stand by himself without an action stand and the lightsaber fits nicely into his hands. Overall it's a pretty decent figure, and should please you if you are a fan of the expanded universe.


Luke Skywalker has discovered the existence of another Jedi, helping him further his goal of reestablishing the Jedi Knights. While he makes plans to go to Ossus to locate important Jedi artifacts, Emperor Palpatine is reborn again in the body of another clone, and he makes immediate plans to crush the Alliance and the fledgling Jedi Knights.

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