Anakin Skywalker (With Naboo Fighter Game) The Episode 1 Collection 1999

Anakin Skywalker


  • Anakin was packed-in together with the Naboo Fighter handheld game in 1999 and was exclusively available in that set
  • The helmet is part of the head and not removable
  • The goggles are painted entirely black - but in the movie Anakin's goggles are actual glasses which he can look through
  • The figure fits well into the Naboo Fighter
  • The entire figure is based on Anakin Tatooine - but the head sculpt is unique


Fast and nimble, Naboo's top starfighter boasts awesome firepower, twin laser cannons, a proton torpedo launcher, and pinpoint targeting controls. Just what you need to pick off the enemy fighters that defend your target, the Trade Federation droid control ship. Trust the Force and soar into battle. Naboo's fate hangs in the balance. It all depends on you!

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