Kylo Ren (Force Link Starter Set #1) - The Last Jedi Collection 2017


Kylo Ren

Force Link Starter Set #1

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Listen To The Kylo Ren Force Link audio

Listen to the Force Link audio

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  • Joint Count: 5
  • Joint Details: 1 Ball-jointed neck, 2 swivel arms, 2 swivel legs
  • Accessory Count: 2
  • Accessory Details: 1 Plastic Robe, 1 Red Cross-Guard Lightsaber
  • This Kylo Ren figure was released on September 1, 2017 together with a Force Link wrist band
  • The figure came with a removable plastic robe and a red cross-guard lightsaber
  • The weapon fits well into both of the figure's hands
  • The plastic robe can easily be put onto the figure
  • Unfortuantely the robe is fairly heavy and causes the figure to fall back
  • There are peg holes in both feet so that Kylo Ren could be placed onto a display stand (a stand was not included)
  • There is no head underneath the helmet
  • Hasbro sculpted the figure quite well and it captures the likeness of Kylo Ren very nicely
  • The figure is Force Link enabled, you can listen to the voice samples here on this page
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Packaging Text

There was no packaging text or character biography on the back of the packaging.

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