First Order Gunner (Battle On Crait 4-Pack) - The Last Jedi Collection 2018

First Order Gunner

First Order Gunner Force Link audio

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  • This First Order Gunner figure was released in March 2018 in the Battle On Crait multipack
  • The 4-pack came out just in time for the digital release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • The other figures in this set were a First Order Walker Driver, Rey (Crait Defense) and Rose Tico (Crait Defense)
  • The First Order Gunner came with a blaster which fits well into both hands
  • There is no head underneath the helmet
  • There are no removable parts on this figure
  • The paint application feels very basic, but it mimics the on-screen counterpart well
  • Details such as the First Order emblem on the shoulder is there an the sculpt captures the likeness of those characters well
  • This figure is Force Link enabled, you can listen to the audio here on this page
  • The First Order Gunner has no balancing issues


The First Order Gunners crew the heavy weapons emplacements that dot the surfaces of cruisers and installations.

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