Supreme Leader Snoke (BB-8 Playset) - The Last Jedi Collection 2017

Supreme Leader Snoke

Supreme Leader Snoke Force Link audio

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  • Supreme Leader Snoke was released on September 1st, 2017 packed in with the BB-8 Playset and an Elite Praetorian Guard
  • The only way to get a 3.75" Snoke figure from Hasbro while The Last Jedi was in movie theaters was by purchasing the BB-8 playset
  • There are no removable parts on the figure
  • The head can be turned left and right, but it doesn't move back and forth
  • The head was sculpted beautifully and captures Snoke's scared face very well
  • Snoke's robe was sculpted nicely and small details such as Snoke's ring on his left index finger help bring the figure to life
  • Due to the limited articulation it's not possible to have Snoke sit properly on the throne
  • The figure is Force Link enabled and the voice samples sound great (listen to them on this page!)
  • Snoke stands very securely on display without any balancing issues


There was no packaging text or character biography on the back of the packaging.

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