Clone Trooper Warthog (With Y-Wing Scout Bomber) - The Clone Wars Collection 2011

Clone Trooper Warthog


  • Clone Trooper Warthog fits perfectly into the included Y-Wing Scout Bomber
  • There is no head underneath the helmet
  • The figure can hold the blaster well
  • The chestbox is permanently attached to the helmet and not removable
  • Warthog balances out well without the help from a stand
  • The Y-Wing Scout Bomber didn't appear in the Clone Wars TV show - but Clone Trooper Warthog did in various episodes


A new Y-Wing Scout Bomber goes on its first mission. Assigned to Jedi General Plo KoonGÇÖs Hunter Squadron, Clone Trooper Pilot WARTHOG flies the prototype bomber on a mission to bring reinforcements to a Republic outpost. The bomber is armed with proton bombs and laser cannons and its rotating engines provide increase flight agility.

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