Tie Fighter Pilot (With Tie Fighter) - The Last Jedi Collection 2017

Tie Fighter Pilot

Tie Fighter Pilot Force Link audio

Listen to the Force Link audio


  • This Force Link enabled Tie Fighter Pilot figure was released together with a Tie Fighter vehicle in November 2017 exclusively at Walmart
  • The Tie Fighter Pilot is a re-work of the Tie Fighter Pilot figure from 2015 which was also packed-in with a Tie Fighter
  • For this release however, Hasbro changed the pilot figure and the Tie Fighter underneath the hood by including the Force Link voice feature in both
  • Make sure to listen to the voice samples here on this page!
  • The helmet is permanently attached to the cable and the chest box
  • The Tie Fighter pilot helmet covers the entire head nicely, front and back
  • The chest box can be unplugged from the figure's chest
  • The Tie Fighter pilot is able to hold the blaster tightly in each hand
  • The outfit is kept in clean condition with no dirt or weathering on it
  • The figure has no balancing issues


The elite of the First Order starfighter pilots have access to specialized craft, such as this two-seater Tie craft outfitted with enhanced weapons and sensor systems.

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