Poe Dameron (With X-Wing Fighter) The Last Jedi Collection 2017

Poe Dameron

Poe Dameron Force Link audio

Listen to the Force Link audio


  • This Force Link enabled Poe Dameron (X-Wing Pilot) figure was released packed-in together with the Boosted X-Wing Fighter
  • The set was exclusive to Toys'R'Us stores in the United States during Fall 2017
  • The figure is almost identical with the single carded release, except it doesn't have swivel forearms
  • Hasbro also gave this Poe Dameron figure different Force Link voice samples
  • The blaster is cast in a much lighter grey than the single carded release
  • Poe Dameron came with a blaster and his signature black helmet
  • The helmet fits very well over the head and the yellow visor sits right on top of Poe Dameron's eyes
  • The chest box, the flight vest and the straps around the legs are not removable
  • The blaster fits well into both of Poe Dameron's hands
  • Hasbro gave this figure swivel forearms, this way his pose can be adjusted a little bit
  • The figure was painted well and we've experienced no balancing issues with this version of Poe Dameron


To give ace pilot Poe Dameron an edge in combat, resistance engineers have fitted a boosted accelerator pod onto the tail of his T-70 X-Wing. This gives him the extra speed he needs to outrun and outmaneuver the First Order.


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