Clone Pilot (Gunship Pilot) (Attack Of The Clones) - Star Wars SAGA Series #49, 2002

Clone Pilot (Gunship Pilot)


This Clone Trooper Gunship Pilot was released in the 2002 SAGA line, a year which was a milestone year for Star Wars because Attack Of The Clones was released in movie theaters. Even though Attack Of The Clones featured a lot of Clone Troopers, Hasbro underestimated demand and had trouble releasing Clone Trooper action figures on the market. However, one of the Clone Troopers they released was this Gunship Pilot. Unfortunately, the figure is below average for various reasons, one of them being the pre-defined stance, the fact that the Clone can't hold the weapon correctly, and simply looks strange leaning so much to one side. The turret included with the figure is some sort of cannon, but it was never seen anywhere on screen. On todays market there are much, much better choices to be had than this way below-average figure.


Led by Jedi Master Yoda, Clone Troopers are strategically deployedduring the Battle of geonosis to rescue the overwhelmed Jedi and combat Separatist forces. Clone Trooper Pilots, distinguished by yellow markings and specialized helmets, helm the Republic Gunships in a full-scale assault on the devastating droid armies.

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