Bala-Tik (With Rathtar) The Last Jedi Collection 2017


Bala-Tik Force Link audio

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  • Guavian Death Gang negotiator Bala-Tik was released together with a Rathtar creature on September 1, 2017
  • The figure came with a blaster which fits well into both hands
  • There are no removable pieces on the outfit
  • The clothing was painted all black with some areas being glossy black (pants/boots) and the jacket being a matte black
  • The head sculpt looks nice and resembles actor Brian Vernel well
  • It's possible to put about half of Bala-Tik inside the Rathtar's mouth
  • Bala-Tik has no balancing issues
  • The Rathtar came with 12 tentacles which need to be attached
  • Once the tentacles are in place they come off easily, almost too easily so that it can be quite a frustrating experience
  • However once the Rathtar is all set up it looks great on display!
  • The figure and the Rathtar are Force Link enabled


Rathtars are dangerous tentacled predators known for their sophisticated techniques as pack hunters. These slimy horrors were responsible for the infamous trillia massacre, which has made them irresistible to decadent collectors seeking exotic pets for their menageries.


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