Tallie (With A-Wing Fighter) The Last Jedi Collection 2017


Tallie Force Link audio

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  • A-Wing fighter pilot Tallie was released together with an A-Wing fighter on September 1, 2017
  • The figure came with a blaster which fits well into both hands
  • The pilot outfit doesn't have a holster, but the back of the A-Wing cockpit has a small storage area for it
  • The helmet, the flight vest and the chest box are not removable
  • The figure was painted very nicely and the sculpt includes details such as the microphone on the helmet, wrinkles in the clothing, straps around the legs and buckles on the back of the vest
  • A nice improvement here is the orange see-through visor, which during the past few years was simply painted yellow
  • The A-Wing fighter is an all new vehicle
  • The A-Wing fighter cockpit has plenty of room for the figure to sit in
  • There is no NERF feature on the vehicle like we've seen on Hera's A-Wing fighter from Star Wars Rebels
  • Here is a comparison picture of both A-Wing fighters side by side: A-Wing Comparison
  • Tallie has no balancing issues
  • A-Wing pilot Tallie and the A-Wing fighter are Force Link enabled


A longtime reliable starfighter model used by the Resistance that dates back to the struggle etween Empire and Rebellion, the A-Wing is a nimmble, wedge-shaped fighter propelled to incredible speeds by large twin engines.


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