R4-D6 (Rebel Hangar) - The Legacy Collection 2008



This droid was available during The Legacy Collection as a "build-a'droid" special. It's hard to tell whether astromech droid R4-D6 belongs into the expanded universe or not. The only movie scene I could find with that droid in it was in ANH during the hangar scenes with Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. However, the Hasbro R4-D6 droid is painted dark blue/purple with black highlights on the dome, and by looking at the movie scene, the astromech is too far away to make out its color. The action figure of R4-D6 has a decent paint job and 5 movable parts with the 3rd leg being removable. There is no clicking sound when the dome is turned, and all three legs have little rolls in them so you can move him around. Considering that it's a bonus figure which you basically get for free if you pick up the other figures, it's a pretty good deal and there is little room for improvement, if any at all!


This figure was part of the Build-A-Droid feature and didn't have a packaging text.

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