Han Solo (40th Anniversary Titanium Series) - The Black Series 3.75" #5, 2017

Han Solo


  • Han Solo was released individually boxed in April 2017 in special 40th Anniversary packaging
  • Han Solo came with a display stand, a reversible backdrop, 4 pegs and two different Imperial blasters
  • The figure can be placed onto the display stand via the pegs, which works OK (the pegs are fairly small and thin, don't lose them!)
  • The bottom of the display stand has room where all four pegs can be stored
  • Han Solo can hold both blasters well in his right hand
  • Even though the figure has six points of articulation, the intent was to have Han Solo be displayed in his signature pose from A New Hope
  • The blaster without the blast effect can be placed into the holster
  • The belt and the vest are not removable
  • The blast effect on one of the blasters is part of the weapon and not removable
  • The figure's body is made out of metal, the head, the arms, the hands and the holster are made out of plastic
  • The backdrop with the character picture is part of a larger display, all the bases can be attached to each other (this looks great!)
  • Han Solo was sculpted quite well, except for the head, which doesn't look like Harrison Ford
  • The figure stands well without any balancing issues


Smuggler. Scoundrel. Hero. Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon, was one of the great leaders of the Rebel Alliance.

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