Luke Skywalker (40th Anniversary Titanium Series) - The Black Series 3.75" #3, 2017


Luke Skywalker

40th Anniversary Titanium Series

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  • Joint Count: 6
  • Joint Details: 1 Ball-jointed neck, 2 ball-jointed shoulders, 2 swivel forearms, 1 swivel waist
  • Accessory Count: 8
  • Accessory Details: 1 Display Stand, 4 Pegs, 1 Reversible Backdrop, 1 Blaster, 1 Blaster With Blast Effect
  • Luke Skywalker was released individually boxed in April 2017 in special 40th Anniversary packaging
  • Luke Skywalker came with a display stand, a reversible backdrop, 4 pegs and two different Imperial blasters
  • The figure can be placed onto the display stand via the pegs, which works OK (the pegs are fairly small and thin, don't lose them!)
  • The bottom of the display stand has room where all four pegs can be stored
  • Luke Skywalker can hold both blasters well in his right hand, the left hand can be positioned so that it supports the blaster from underneath
  • The blast effect on one of the blasters is part of the weapon and not removable
  • The blaster which doesn't have a blast effect attached can be placed into the holster (it's a tight fit, but it does work)
  • The figure's body is made out of metal, the head and the hands are made out of plastic
  • The Stormtrooper belt is not removable
  • Even though Hasbro gave Luke six joints, the figure is not meant to be posed much differently (the legs can't be moved at all)
  • The backdrop with the character picture is part of a larger display, all the bases can be attached to each other (this looks great!)
  • The color tone on the tunic and the pants looks nice
  • Unfortunately, the head sculpt doesn't look like Mark Hamill and our review figure had paint smudges in the face
  • Luke Skywalker stands well by himself without any balancing issues
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Packaging Text

Luke Skywalker was a Tatooine farmboy who rose from humble beginnings to become one of the greatest Jedi the galaxy has ever known.

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