Retail Droid (Clone Troopers & Droids) - The Clone Wars Collection 2010


Retail Droid

Clone Troopers & Droids

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  • Joint Count: 7
  • Joint Details: Swivel head, ball-jointed shoulders, swivel waist, 2 swivel legs, 2 ball-jointed mid-leg joints;
  • Accessory Count: 0
  • Accessory Details: None;
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Retail Droid Review

This animated-style LR-57 Combat a.k.a. Retail Droid was released in Fall of 2010 in a battle pack named Clone Troopers & Droids during The Clone Wars Collection. The 4-figure set included this Retail Droid, a Super Battle Droid and two Clone Troopers. Retail Droids could be seen during the Battle Of Christophsis in the Clone Wars movie.

The droid has seven joints, including a rotating head, ball-jointed shoulders, a swivel waist, swivel legs, and two ball-joints mid-leg. The figure can be balanced out quite nicely despite the size of the head, thin legs and lacking ankle joints. The interesting part is that the figure can be made either small, so it has almost about the same size as a Star Wars figure, or rather tall so that it's about 1 1/2 the size of a regular figure. There were no accessories included with the Retail Droid, and there are no hidden gadgets or panels that can be opened.

The paint application on the Retail Droid is very plain with only three colors. The main body is kept in an all brown color tone, with the top of the antennas being red, and the body, arms and head having some golden markings on it. The sculpt is done quite nicely though, and captures the look of the Retail Droids from the Clone Wars movie quite well. All in all, it's a never-before-done battle droid, and even though it could have had a much better paint application, it's an OK addition to the droid army.

Packaging Text

Clones and droids battle each other during the Clone Wars. Each army, human and mechanical, builds its arsenal of skills and weapons throughout the conflict as new challenges arise. The clone troopers of the elite 327th Star Corps, under Commander Bly, clash with their robotic enemies throughout the entire span of the war. The troopers devise new combat strategies as the Separatists develop more powerful droids.

Retail Droid: The technical name for retail droids is LR-57 combat droids. Used by the Separatists, they check for enemy activity, sounds, movement or anything that seems suspicious.

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