TA-175 (With Armored Scout Tank) - The Clone Wars Collection 2010



Tactical droid TA-175 was released in The Clone Wars Collection's Deluxe line in Fall 2010, together with a small Armored Scout Tank (AST) vehicle. TA-175 can be seen in the Clone Wars episode "Liberty On Ryloth", from the first season of the Clone Wars TV show.

Just like Tactical Droid TX-20, the figure has 12 joints. This includes ball-joints in the neck, both shoulders, the hip and ankles. The elbows, wrists and the waist have swivel joints. There are no balancing issues, thanks to easily adjustable ankles and a ball-jointed hip. The only weapon included with TA-175 was a basic Battle Droid blaster, which unfortunately doesn't fit into either of the figure's hands. It's been a while that we came a cross a figure, which can't hold a weapon at all, and TX-20, which shares the same mold was able to hold the blaster OK. There are no removable panels or other hidden gimmicks on the droid.

The paint job on the animated-style TA-175 is OK, and the pattern on the body matches the character from the Clone Wars TV show. The figure's sculpt with 12 joints looks overall very nice and represents the character quite well. The only issue is that the figure can't get a grip on the included blaster. The yet-again reissued and repainted Armored Scout Tank vehicle that came with the figure is a good fit for the droid, and the figure can hold on to the controls easily. All in all, TA-175 is an OK figure, and since a Tactical Droid with this specific paint scheme has not been released before, it'll add some variety to your animated-style droid army.


Tactical droid TA-175 drives an Armored Scout Tank (AST) during the Battle of Ryloth. ASTs are light reconnaissance vehicles armed with twin laser cannons and often used for small hit-and-run missions. Tactical droids have more advanced programming to command Separatist troops. Each one has a unique paint scheme, so that no two units are identical. Like all tactical droids, TA-175 is impatient and demanding as he pilots the single-operator AST to assess the battle.

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