Sergeant Bric (With Galactic Battle Mat) - The Clone Wars Collection 2010

Sergeant Bric


Bounty Hunter Bric was released by Hasbro as a mail-in exclusive during The Clone Wars Collection in November 2010. The figure came bundled together with a portable playmat (plus the die, stand and game card). Sergeant Bric was first seen in the episode "Clone Cadets" of the third season of the Clone Wars TV show.

Sergeant Bric has 12 joints, with the neck, shoulders, elbows and knees being ball-jointed. The wrists, the waist and both legs are swivel jointed. Sergeant Bric stands securely on his own. The only weapon included with the Bounty Hunter was a basic blaster, which fits perfectly into the figure's right hand, and into the holster. It's actually such a good fit for the right hand that the finger fits right onto the blaster's trigger.

The paint job on Sergeant Bric looks cool, with the upper-body armor having a used and dirty look. The golden eyes and the subtle purple color on the head looks pretty nice as well. With this sculpt, Hasbro managed to capture the likeness of Sergeant Bric from the TV show quite well, and if you like to collect Bounty Hunters from the animated Clone Wars line, then you'll probably enjoy this never-before-done figure.


This bounty hunter trains clone cadets on Kamino. .He is a tough and demanding drill sergeant. He expects his trainees to perform their combat exercises with perfection; anything less makes them failures in his eyes and not worthy to be part of the Clone Army.

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