Shahan Alama (Hostage Crisis) - The Clone Wars Collection 2010

Shahan Alama


This animated-style Shahan Alama was released in an exclusive Target battle pack in The Clone Wars Collection in October 2010. The battle pack included Robonino, Shahan Alama and two different Commando Droids. Besides the figures, the set included a bonus DVD with a short Bounty Hunter feature, plus one die, battle cards and stands for each figure. Shahan Alama appeared in the Clone Wars episode "Hostage Crisis", from the first season.

Shahan Alama has a total of 12 joints, with the neck, shoulders, elbows and knees being ball-jointed. The wrists and both legs are swivel jointed. Shahan Alama stands very well by himself without the need for additional support from a stand. Both weapons, the knife and the blaster fit very well into the left and right hand respectively. Actually, the knife fits so well, that the figure's left hand fits through the knife's handle. The same goes for the blaster, which is a perfect fit for the right hand where the finger sits right on top of the trigger. The one-piece soft-plastic shoulder armor is removable. The belt around the waist is molded individually, whereas the red hat is part of the head sculpt and therefore not removable.

The paint application on Shahan Alama is well done, especially the paint around the facial area is impressive. The blue pants and black boots feel a little plain, but that's just how Shahan Alama appeared in the Clone Wars. The almost super articulated sculpt is well done, with a fantastic head sculpt which looks like the TV-counter part. All in all, this animated-style Shahan Alama is a well done figure, and another fantastic addition to the Clone Wars Collection.


Bounty Hunters and droids take senators hostage on Coruscant. Robonino, Shahan Alama, assassin droids and commando droids help Cad Bane force the released of Ziro The Hutt. The villainous posse infiltrates the Republic Senate, captures a small group of senators, and frees the imprisoned crime lord. Cunning and ruthless, the criminal gang gets the best of clone troopers, Senate commmando guards and even Anakin Skywalker before fleeing the planet.

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