Han Solo (Bespin Gear) - The Power Of The Force 1997

Han Solo


This Han Solo in Bespin Gear was released individually carded during the The Power Of The Force 2 toy line in 1997, and was the first version released of Bespin Han in the modern line. The figure is based on Han Solo the way he appeared towards the second half in The Empire Strikes Back.

Like for the mid-90's typical, Kenner gave Han Solo six swivel joints, with a movable neck, arms, waist and legs. The ankles and knees are not adjustable, but the figure stands surprisingly steady without help from a stand. There were two weapons included with Captain Solo, a basic blaster, and a blaster rifle. Both weapons fit well, and won't fall out if you reposition the figure.

The paint application on Bespin Han Solo is basic, but gets the job done. However, the figure's mold and lack of details on the outfit didn't age all too well, and it feels quite outdated. All in all, it's a Bespin Han Solo figure, which is past its prime, and there are much more detailed Bespin Han Solo's available today.

This very same figure (with different accessories) was released in the POTF2 Millennium Minted Coin collection: Bespin Han Solo.


Lando Calrissian, former owner of the Millennium Falcon, welcomes his old friend and rival Han Solo to Cloud City. Unbeknownst to Solo, Lando is leading the Rebels into an Imperial trap set by Darth Vader.

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