Imperial Assault Tank Driver (Jedha Revolt 4-Pack) - The Rogue One Collection 2017

Imperial Assault Tank Driver


  • The Hovertank Pilot (Jedha Revolt) was released in February 2017 as part of a 4-pack titled Jedha Revolt
  • The other figures in this set were Saw Gerrera (Jedha Revolt), Jyn Erso (Jedha Revolt) and Edrio Two Tubes (Jedha Revolt)
  • There is no head underneath the Hovertank Pilot's helmet
  • The figure can hold the included blaster rifle well in each hand
  • There are no removable pieces on the armor
  • Sitting is no problem for this figure (if Hasbro ever releases a Hovertank vehicle)
  • The figure was painted the way a regular Hovertank Pilot looks, the Commander seen in Rogue One had gray markings on the chest
  • Unfortunately, there is no weathering or dirt on the figure to give it a more life-like appearance
  • The figure stood well on display without any balancing issues


Imperial combat drivers operate the Empire's arsenal of armored repulsor vehicles, from troop transports to heavily armed hovertanks. Combat drivers are lightly armored, relying instead on the thick skin of their vehicles to protect them in battle.

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