K-2SO (Rogue One) - Disney Elite Series Die Cast 2016



  • K-2SO was released on September 30th, 2016 at Disney Stores
  • There were no weapons or accessories included with K-2SO
  • The only pack-in item was the regular display stand
  • Disney used tiny stickers for the eye sockets
  • It doesn't necessarily look bad, but it feels off once you know that the eyes are stickers (it can't be unseen!)
  • Disney gave K-2SO very light weathering, mostly around the edges of the plating
  • The figure's height seems to be about right, it stands quite a bit taller than a regular Disney Elite Series figure
  • The Imperial cog which is on both shoulders looks nothing like what it's supposed to (take a look here)
  • The included display stand doesn't help when the figure can't support it's own weight, our K-2SO figure had extremely loose knee and ankle joints


In collaboration with Lucasfilm, Disney Store is proud to introduce the Star Wars Elite Series, a premium line of toys featuring iconic characters from the expansive world of Star Wars. This exclusive collection is meticulously engineered and crafted with Star Wars fans in mind.

A reprogrammed Imperial Enforcer Droid now loyal to the Alliance, K-2SO is an alarming sight standing within a secret rebel base. The pragmatic droid is an effective insertion agent, as he can blend in perfectly at Imperial installations and outposts.

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