Cassian Andor (Rogue One) - Disney Elite Series Die Cast 2016

Cassian Andor


  • Captain Cassian Andor was released on September 30, 2016 at Disney Stores
  • The figure came with a blaster, which fits loosely into Cassian Andor's right hand
  • The bulky looking holster is big enough to house the blaster well
  • The jacket is not removable
  • The figure was sculpted well, the details on the belt and on the jacket look nice
  • The head sculpt in particular looks spot on when looked at from the side
  • Disney painted the figure cleanly and the brown earth tones on the outfit look good
  • Cassian fit well onto the included display stand and we didn't experience any balancing issues


In collaboration with Lucasfilm, Disney Store is proud to introduce the Star Wars Elite Series, a premium line of toys featuring iconic characters from the expansive world of Star Wars. This exclusive collection is meticulously engineered and crafted with Star Wars fans in mind.

An alliance intelligence officer with combat field experience, Captain Cassian Andor commands respect from his rebel troops with his ability to keep a cool head under fire.

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