R5-K6 (Astromech Droid 3-Pack) The Black Series 6" 2016

R5-K6 Astromech Droid 3-Pack The Black Series 6"


  • Toy Line: The Black Series 6"
  • MSRP: $54.99 USD
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  • Scale: 6"
  • Retailer Exclusive: Toys'R'Us
  • Variation Pictured: No
  • Date Stamp: 60971
  • Released: 2016
  • Joint Count: 10
  • Joint Details: 360 Degree Rotatable dome (clicking sound!), 2 Swivel hips, 3 Swivel Ankles, 2 Front Panels, 2 Movable Tools/shoulders
  • Accessory Count: 0
  • Accessory Details: None


  • Astromech Droid R5-K6 was released in a Toys'R'Us exclusive 3-Pack
  • The set was first available online during San Diego Comic Con 2016, but was later sold at regular Toys'R'Us stores
  • The 3-Pack included astromech droids R5-K6, R2-A3 and R2-F2
  • R5-K6 was Garven Dreis' astromech droid during the Battle Of Yavin
  • There are no removable panels in the dome and there were no accessories included with R5-K6
  • The antenna in the dome is not removable
  • There are two front panels on the droid's body which can be opened, once opened the arms/tools can be pulled out
  • The droid has two panels on the outside of each leg which can be removed (R2-D2 included booster rockets which could be attached, but this is not the case here because there were no booster rockets included)
  • R5-K6's dome can be rotated 360 degrees (no clicking sound!), which then moves the middle leg in and out of the body
  • Each foot has two wheels in it which helps to balance the droid out nicely (in the 3 3/4 inch line astromech droids mostly have one wheel in each foot which sometimes makes the droids lean a bit forward or backward, this is not the case here)
  • There are no electronics built into the astromech droid and the front eye doesn't light up
  • Unfortuantely astromech droid R5-K6 is undersized in comparison with other 6 inch scale figures


R5-K6 was the astromech droid alongside Garven Dreis, the leader of Red Squadron, during the Battle of Yavin, R5-K6 and Dreis were shot down while attempting to destroy the Death Star.


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