AT-AT Driver (The Empire Strikes Back) - The Power Of The Force 1998

AT-AT Driver


This AT-AT Driver was released individually carded during the The Power Of The Force 2 toy line in 1998 as a Star Wars Fan Club exclusive. At-At Drivers were briefly seen during the Battle Of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back.

The figure has the POTF2 era typical 6 movable parts, with swivel joints in the neck, shoulders, waist and both legs. The figure leans a little bit to the side, but Kenner/Hasbro added peg holes in both feet so it can be placed on a stand. The bulky looking blaster stays well in both of the figures hands. The chestbox is permanently attached to the non-removable helmet.

The paint job on the AT-AT Driver looks very basic with no weathering or dirt on the figure. However, there are some nicely painted details on the chestbox, the helmet and the computer panel on the figure's back. The figure's mold is outdated, which is most noteable by looking at the helmet and the bulky shoulders. If you are looking for a more accurate and more articulated version of the AT-AT Driver, take a look at The Legacy Collection release from late 2009.


Drivers of the dreaded AT-AT walkers, specially trained "ground pilots", played a vital role during the Empire's assault on Hoth.

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