Tie Fighter Pilot (With Tie Striker) - The Rogue One Collection 2016

Tie Fighter Pilot


  • This Tie Fighter Pilot action figure was packed-in with the Tie Striker vehicle in November 2016
  • The set was exclusively available through Toys'R'us
  • This Tie Fighter Pilot is slightly different from the Tie Fighter Pilot which was packed-in with the regular retail version of the Tie Striker vehicle
  • This figure has a silver painted mohawk, silver tear stripes down the face plate and a silver painted button on the chest box instead of a black painted one
  • The sculpt utilized for this Tie Fighter Pilot is identical to the non-exclusive version
  • The Tie Fighter Pilot is able to hold the blaster well in each hand
  • The Tie Fighter Pilot helmet is not removable
  • The cables running from the helmet into the chest box are permanently attached
  • The chest box can't be removed
  • It's a pretty static figure with only 5 points of articulation, but it looks outstanding and it's a good fit for the Tie Striker cockpit
  • The Tie Fighter Pilot has no balancing issues
  • You can compare both figures, the regularly released Tie Fighter Pilot With Tie Striker and this Tie Fighter Pilot, side by side here: J.B.'s Comparison Tool


Rocket into battle against the Rebels with this TIE Striker that is a streamlined variant of the classic TIE Fighter! Designed for atmospheric patrols over important ground-based installations, they are piloted by the Empire’s very best TIE Striker Pilots, who rely on their lightning-quick reflexes and fearlessness to survive tours of duty against enemies of the Empire.

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