Incinerator Stormtrooper (THE FORCE UNLEASHED 3-PACK I) - The 30th Anniversary Collection 2008

Incinerator Stormtrooper


  • This Incinerator Stormtrooper was released in a The Force Unleashed 3-pack in 2008
  • The other figures in this set were another Incinerator Stormtrooper and Darth Vader
  • The figure is based on a Stormtrooper design which could be seen in The Force Unleashed video game series
  • There is no head underneath the helmet
  • The Incinerator Stormtrooper can hold the blaster well in each hand
  • The blaster can be placed into the holster - which is located on the left side of the Incinerator Stormtrooper's waist
  • The figure has no balancing issues
  • This set could later be found at various discount stores such as Ross at deep discounts for as low as $7.99


One of the most devastating of the Empire's specialized stormtrooper units, the incinerator troopers wield powerful plasma rifles to set enemies ablaze. When deployed to a forest world like Kashyyyk, a small squadron of incinerator troopers can level an entire Wookiee village in a matter of hours. Vader and the Incinerator Troopers are sent in whenever an example needs to be made of anyone who dares to question the ultimate authority of the Empire.

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