Maz Kanata (Takodana Encounter 4-Pack) - The Force Awakens Collection 2016

Maz Kanata


  • Maz Kanata was released in April 2016 in a 4-pack titled "Takodana Encounter"
  • The other figure's in this set were Finn - Rey and BB-8
  • Maz Kanata can hold the included blaster only loosely in her hands - but the lightsaber hilt is a good fit
  • There are no removable pieces on Maz Kanata
  • The goggles are permanently attached to the hat - but because they are made out of very soft plastic they can be bent away from the eyes
  • The figure is beautifully sculpted with rings on the fingers - bracelets on both arms - a necklace around the neck and keys hanging from the belt
  • The head sculpt is fantastic and the paint application compliments it beautifully
  • The trunk can be opened and the lightsaber hilt can be placed inside
  • Maz Kanata has no balancing issues
  • Thanks to Hasbro for providing this figure for the database
  • Live Facebook un-boxing video of the Takodana Encounter 4-Pack:

    Takodana Encounter 4-Pack

    Unboxing Mystery Star Wars box!

    Posted by on Tuesday - April 5 - 2016


The colorful Maz Kanata holds court in an ancient castle on Takodana. With centuries of experience, she reigns as the most knowledgeable smuggler around. She has an uncanny knack for sensing the shifting tides of fortune in the galaxy.

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