Kettch (Dark Horse Star Wars #94) - The Legacy Collection 2009



  • Ewok Kettch was released in a Walmart exclusive comic pack in 2009
  • The set included a total of three figures - the other two figures were Ewok Machook and Ewok Keoulkeech
  • Bundled together with the figures was the Dark Horse Comic Book Star Wars #94
  • The figures and their color schemes are loosely based on Ewoks seen in the comic book
  • Ewok Kettch came with an axe - a knife - Stormtrooper armor and an orange headdress
  • The headdress can easily be pulled over the head
  • The Stormtrooper chest armor fits well - it can be taken off the figure (the head needs to be popped off first - which is easy to do)
  • The knife fits perfectly into the non-removable sheath
  • The figure can hold the knife only very loosely in each hand - but the axe fits quite well
  • Hasbro painted the figure quite well with different shades of brown on the fur
  • Kettch stands very steady on display without any balancing issues


The Rebels are victorious over the evil Empire, but their fragile new Alliance is in jeopardy. A Hiromi spy secretly instigates a misunderstanding between the Ewoks and the Lahsbees. The conflict threatens to become an all-out war that will engulf the rest of the galaxy. Will the Rebels help the Ewoks and Lahsbees resolve their conflict before its too late?

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