Wicket (Princess Leia Collection Endor) The Power Of The Force 1998



  • Ewok Wicket was part of the Princess Leia Collection 2-pack together with Princess Leia (Celebration Outfit)
  • Listed here is the variation where the stitching on Wicket's hood was un-painted
  • Just like the single carded version of Wicket - which had an unpainted stitching and painted stitching version - the Princess Leia 2-pack has the same two variations
  • Wicket is a re-release of the single carded Wicket figure
  • Wicket's plastic hood fits nicely over the head
  • The figure can hold the spear well in both hands
  • Unfortunately - the spear is made out of very soft plastic and it easily bends
  • The figure stands safely on display and doesn't fall over easily


The Ewok named Wicket was the first of his clan to find Princess Leia after she crashed a speeder bike in the dense woods of Endor. Their friendship allied the Ewoks and Rebels so that together they could help defeat the evil Empire!


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