Luke Skywalker (With Snowspeeder) - Power Of The Jedi #0, 2002


Luke Skywalker

With Snowspeeder

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Luke Skywalker Review

This Luke Skywalker in Snowspeeder Outfit was released during the Power Of The Jedi toy line as a pack-in figure together with a Snowspeeder and a Dack Raltar action figure. The set was a Walmart exclusive in 2002. Luke Skywalker in this flight suit can be seen piloting a Snowspeeder during the Battle Of Hoth in the Empire Strikes Back.

For this Luke Skywalker, Hasbro re-used an existing mold from 1995, hence the figure's buffed-up look, and the POTF2 aera typical 6 swivel joints in the neck, both arms, the waist and both legs. Despite the lack of knee and ankle joints, the figure stands surprisingly well on its own. There were no weapons or accessories included with the figure, and the only removable piece on the outfit is the cable going from the chest box into the flight suit.

The paint job on Skywalker is very basic, but overall cleanly applied. The mold is entirely outdated compared with modern Star Wars figures, and with the fantastic updated version from The Legacy Collection, there is no reason to add this figure to your collection, if you don't own it yet.

Packaging Text

During the Battle of Hoth, Luke pilots a snowspeeder with his friend Dack Ralter as gunner. In desperation, the Rebels devise a strategy: to wrap tow cables around the legs of the walkers, toppling them to the ground. But during the battle, Luke's ship is hit and crashes in the path of an oncoming walker. He must rescue his friend or save himself from the approaching doom.

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