Princess Leia Organa (with Sporting Blaster) The Power Of The Force 1999

Princess Leia Organa


This figure is from times when Hasbro didn't care too much about the size of a figure. This Leia is pretty much the same size as every other regular action figure, instead of being much shorter (like Leia in the movies). The figure has only 5 points of articulation, which compared to figures back then was already pretty poor. Not even the head is movable. Leia can't hold her blaster, and she definitely needs help standing too. It's a good looking figure overall, but there are much, much better choices on the market these days.


Her ship under attack from Darth Vader's Star Destroyer, Princess Leia downloads the secret Death Star plans into R2-D2 for safe-keeping . After being stunned by a stormtrooper blast, Leia became a prisoner of Darth Vader. R2-D2 avoids capture by fleeing with the valuable data in an escape pod.

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