R5-M2 (Recon Patrol on Hoth) - The Legacy Collection 2008



This is basically the perfect incarnation of this little droid. The dome can be rotated, it makes the all familiar clicking sound, and the motivator moves up and down. The middle leg can be removed, and so the R5 unit can stand on only two legs instead of three. All three legs have rolls in them, so you can easily have the astromech droid move around your Hoth Rebel Base. Hasbro also included a removable antenna which can be placed into the droid's dome. The figure is also in scale with the basic figures. Overall, this is a perfect figure!


While on a routine patrol, Han and Chewbacca investigate the source of a strange signal, and discover an Imperial probe droid, which immediately fires upon the pair. When Han returns fire, the droid self-destructs, but not before it tells the Empire where the Rebel's base is located. As the Alliance begins an immediate evacuation of Echo Base, R2-M5 helps coordinate plans and K-3PO provides tactical support to hold back the Imperial forces.Chewbacca does his best to keep his friend Han out of trouble and uses his mechanical skills to repair the ever-malfunctioning Millennium Falcon.K-3PO provides the Rebels with information on military tactics that he learned from his former owner Commander Narra. Meanwhile, R5-M2 provides tactical support to Rebel Alliance officer Shawn Valdez and plots escape routes during the evacuation.

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