Clone Trooper Denal (Clone Wars) - The Clone Wars Collection #20, 2009

Clone Trooper Denal


This animated-style Clone Trooper Denal was released single carded in 2009's basic Clone Wars assortment. The trooper almost catches Bounty Hunter Cad Bane in the episode titled "Cargo Of Doom" from the second season of the Clone Wars cartoon.

Denal is super articulated, with all articulated parts being ball-jointed, with the exception of the legs. The figure itself stands nicely on its own without any balancing problems, however, if you attach the jet-pack it'll add some extra weight and you might want to consider using a stand. There were 3 accessories included with the figure, a blaster, a removable jet-pack with 2 projectiles, and a removable helmet. The blaster is a decent fit for either of Denal's hands, and the helmet covers the entire head nicely. The jet-pack plugs into a hole on the back of the figure and stays firmly attached.

Denal's paint application is cleanly applied, and the armor is in pristine condition without any dirt or battle damage. The markings on the helmet look cool, and seem to fit the on-screen counterpart.


Denal is part of a mission to destroy a Separatist listening post. He and the team use rocket packs to reach the post. The clone trooper battles deadly droids and, although injured, helps Captain Rex reach the reactors and plant thermal detonators.

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