Rom Mohc (Star Wars: Tales #4) - The Legacy Collection 2010

Rom Mohc


General Rom Mohc was released in March 2010 in a Walmart exclusive comic 2-pack. The set included Rom Mohc, and an IG-97 assassin droid. Rom Mohc can be seen in the expanded universe comic book storyline titled Star Wars: Tales.

Rom Mohc has 14 joints, including a ball-jointed neck, ball-jointed knees and ankles. The shoulders, elbows, wrists, the waist and legs have swivel joints. The figure has a very secure stance, and won't fall over. The included blaster is a great fit for the figure's right hand, but it doesn't stay in its left. There were no other accessories included with the figure besides the blaster.

The paint application on Rom Mohc is nicely done, with a weathered and dirty looking, dark green uniform. The face is pretty pale, but the eyes and the eybrows are painted cleanly. Unfortunately, the figure doesn't have any ball-joints above the waist, which limits the way it can be displayed. However, this General Rom Mohc action figure is still a decent figure, and unique enough to stand out in your imperial army.


Rom Mohc is an Imperial general involved in the testing of advanced battle droids known as dark troopers. One of these droids ends up on Tatooine and becomes activated by scavenging Jawas. The dark trooper attacks three friends camping in the desert. But things change when the prototype encounters a clumsy IG-97 battle droid on Tatooine, and the two machines battle each other.

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