Imperial Evo Trooper (The Force Unleashed) - The 30th Anniversary Collection #9, 2008

Imperial Evo Trooper


This Imperial Evo Trooper was released singled carded in 2008's 30th Anniversary Collection. The clone trooper can be seen in various levels in The Force Unleashed video game.

The Evo Trooper is super articulated with 14 joints, including ball-joints in the neck, both shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles. There are swivel joints in the wrists, waist and legs. Just like the Jumptrooper, you'll notice that the joints are stiffer than normal, and the limbs feel thicker compared to other Star Wars figures. The Evo Trooper stands very securely on its own without the need of a stand. Both small blasters fit very well into the clone's hands, but unfortunately there are no holsters anywhere to stow them away. The blaster rifle looks great, and it's also a good fit for either of the trooper's hands. The removable backpack can easily be plugged into the figure's back and stays firmly attached. The helmet, the cables and the chest box are not removable.

The paint application on the Imperial Evo Trooper is cleanly applied with the armor being all white, with a black under suit, and some gray accents. The boots were given some light-brown weathering, which looks nice. The figure is nicely detailed, with an ammunition strap on the right side of the right boot, two thermal detonators on the back and a pretty cool looking helmet. All in all, this is another top-notch figure from The Force Unleashed, and if you are a fan, or like clone troopers in general, you might want to consider adding the Evo Trooper to your collection!


Trained to survive the galaxy's most treacherous weather conditions, EVO Troopers are equipped with enhanced armor that can deal with hazards such as extreme heat, acid rivers, and lightning. Each EVO Trooper's FA-3 flechette launcher fires shards of metal capable of hitting multiple targets.

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