Quarren Soldier (The Clone Wars) - The Legacy Collection #15, 2008

Quarren Soldier


  • This Quarren Soldier was released individually carded
  • Quarren Soldier could first be seen in the Tartakovsky Clone Wars mini series
  • The figure came with a knife and a trident - both weapons fit well into the figure's hand
  • The knife can be stowed away in a holster which is hidden underneath the Quarren Soldier's soft-goods skirt
  • The figure is painted and sculpted nicely and it captures the Quarren Soldiers from the Clone Wars cartoon very well


The Quarren launch an undersea attack on the Mon Calamari. Supported by the Separatists, the Quarren swell their ranks with battle droids, but encounter strong opposition when Kit Fisto and his clone troopers come to the aid of the Mon Calamari.

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