R2-D2 (Holographic) - The Disney Collection 2015



  • This Holographic R2-D2 was released during the Summer of 2015 exclusively at Disney Theme Parks
  • Disney gave Artoo Detoo a translucent blue color
  • R2-D2's dome is removable and once removed it'll reveal "mechanics and cables" inside the droid's body
  • There is no clicking sound when the dome is rotated
  • The droid has no hidden gadgets or panels built in
  • The middle leg can be removed
  • All three legs have small wheels in them


Whether he is delivering a secret message to Obi-Wan Kenobi or saving the classic heroes of the Rebel Alliance from the trash compactor on the Death Star, R2-D2 is always ready for any mission. For the first time, R2-D2 is portrayed as his own holographic transmission action figure. What secret information does R2 carry this time? Join R2-D2 on his adventure throughout the galaxy.

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