Poe Dameron (X-Wing Pilot) - The Force Awakens Collection 2015

Poe Dameron


  • Poe Dameron was released in December 2015 in the "Armor Up" series as a Toys'R'Us exclusive
  • This time Hasbro included two Armor-Up accessories instead of one like on the previously released figures
  • For the Poe Dameron figure Hasbro utilized the body of the single carded Poe Dameron X-Wing Pilot with the hole in the back and the head from the Poe Dameron figure which came packed-in with Poe's X-Wing Fighter
  • Even though the head sculpt was re-used from the previous figure - the paint application makes it look quite a bit different with shorter side burns and an overall more cleanly painted face
  • The very Endor-inspired forest armor-up and the very Hoth-inspired armor-up pieces fit OK over Poe Dameron's head
  • There was no X-Wing pilot helmet included with the figure (strange!?)
  • Poe Dameron is able to hold the silvery/shiny blaster well in each hand
  • The blaster is a good fit for the holster
  • The figure stands well on display without any balancing issues
  • The color tone of the outfit looks great and seems to match what we all have seen so far in the trailers


An ace pilot, Poe Dameron is a leader in the resistance's fight against the evil First Order. He soars into battle behind the controls of a modern X-Wing Fighter.

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