R2-Q5 (Entertainment Earth 4-Pack) - The Black Series 6" 2015



  • Astromech Droid R2-Q5 was released in an Entertainment Earth exclusive 4-pack in November 2015
  • The other figures in this set were Lieutenant Oxixo - a Crimson Stormtrooper and a Sandtrooper Sergeant
  • The droid can be seen in several different shots standing in the background in Return Of The Jedi
  • This figure is a re-work of the previously released R2-D2 figure from 2013
  • Besides a new paint application the figure was also given a new dome
  • All the accessories which were included with R2-D2 were not included with R2-Q5
  • There are two front panels on R2-Q5's body which can be opened - which then lets you pull out two arms
  • R2-D2 had two removable panels on the outside of both legs so that booster rockets could be attached - the booster rockets were not included with R2-Q5 - but the two outside panels are still there and are removable
  • The dome can be rotated 360 degrees - which then moves the middle leg in our out of the body
  • Each foot has two wheels in it - which helps to balance the droid out nicely
  • There are no electronics built into the droid and the front eye doesn't light up
  • The figure is sculpted nicely - the only issue is that the droid is too small when placed next to 6-inch scaled figures


Entrusted with the secrets of the Emperor himself, this Imperial R2 unit once thwarted a plot to turn every droid aboard the second Death Star against the Empire.

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