Clone Trooper (with Quad Cannon) - The Legacy Collection #16, 2008

Clone Trooper


These specific Clone Troopers had some kick-ass scenes in Tartakovsky's Clone Wars TV series, where they jumped out of a Gunship with a huge gun attached to the body and started shooting everything that moved. The on-screen seen character translates well into this action figure. The figure looks like the Clone seen on TV, the helmet is removable and the figure can stand securely by itself without the help of an action stand. However, when the big gun is attached, the trooper carries too much weight to be able to keep standing and it's very likely that he'll tip over. The quad cannon itself attaches to the Trooper's back, moves over it's shoulders where the Clone can grab the handles of it. Overall, this is a really well done and nice figure!


When armed with a Cip-Quad, a clone trooper becomes a mobile piece of anti-personnel and anti-armor blaster artillery. Troopers wear special gear to operate this experimental weaponGÇÖs twin-barreled cannons that can take out AATs and tanks.

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