Captain Phasma (The Force Awakens) - The Black Series 6" #6, 2015


Captain Phasma

The Force Awakens

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  • Joint Count: 19
  • Joint Details: 1 Ball-jointed top neck, 1 swivel-jointed lower neck, 2 ball-jointed shoulders, 2 ball-jointed elbows, 2 ball-jointed wrists, 1 ball-jointed upper body, 2 ball-jointed hips, 2 swivel-jointed thighs, 2 swivel-joints above knees, 2 swivel joints below knees, 2 ball-jointed ankles;
  • Accessory Count: 2
  • Accessory Details: 1 Blaster Rifle, 1 Removable Cape;
  • This 6-inch Captain Phasma was released individually boxed
  • Captain Phasma's plastic cape is removable
  • The blaster rifle fits tightly into each hand - and it can be attached to Captain Phasma's right thigh
  • Captain Phasma is about half a head taller than a basic 6-inch The First Order Stormtrooper
  • There is no head underneath the helmet
  • The figure balances out nicely - even in more dynamic battle positions
  • Even though the figure is not vac-metallized to give the armor a shiny appearance the silver paint application works quite well
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Packaging Text

Clad in distinctive metallic armor, Captain Phasma commands the First Order's legions of troopers.

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