Han Solo (Return Of The Jedi) The Black Series 3.75" #19, 2015

Han Solo


  • This Carbonite Block was released individually carded together with Han Solo
  • This Carbonite Block is more accessory than actual figure - but we thought that giving it it's own entry makes it easier for you to look up Carbonite Blocks and compare them
  • There are no movable or removable parts on the block
  • The Carbonite Block feels too short in height and too narrow when compared to the actual Han Solo action figure it came with
  • The block is sculpted nicely and captures Han Solo's frozen look well
  • Hasbro didn't paint any of the "electronic panels" on the right side - but they did add some color to two of them on the left side
  • In order to display this Carbonite Block you will need to lean it against a wall or get additional support - it can't stand on its own


The packaging provided no character biography.


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