Han Solo (The Empire Strikes Back) The Black Series 3.75" #19, 2015

Han Solo


  • This Han Solo was released individually carded together with a Carbonite Block
  • Hasbro included arm binders for Han Solo's arms - just the way he was seen in The Empire Strikes Back
  • The binders go behind Han Solo and attach to both biceps - which works overall quite well
  • Hasbro also included regular hand cuffs - they can be attached OK to both wrists - but they won't close all the way
  • The figure is sculpted well (well hidden joints!) and painted nicely
  • Han Solo doesn't have any balancing issues and won't require a stand when on display
  • For a look at the included Carbonite Block - have a look here please: Han Solo Carbonite Block


The packaging provided no character biography.

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