IG-88 (Comic 2-pack #2 With Boba Fett) The Shadows Of The Empire 1996

IG-88 Comic 2-pack #2 With Boba Fett The Shadows Of The Empire



This IG-88 action figure was released by Kenner in 1996 as part of a Shadows Of The Empire comic 2-pack along with a Boba Fett figure.

The Bounty Hunter has only six movable joints (head, 2 arms, waist, 2 legs), which was typical for the mid 90's. Despite the lack of knee and ankle joints, the figure stands surprisingly secure on its own and doesn't require a stand. The droid can also hold both of his weapons securely.

Even though the figure is quite old and outdated for modern standards, for back then it was very detailed and had a cool, rusty and dirty looking paint application. Hasbro re-did the IG-88 character in their vintage 30th Anniversary Collection in 2007, so if you are looking to pick the best version of IG-88 up, you want to go with the VTAC version, and pass on this Shadows Of The Empire IG-88 figure.


The battered war droid IG-88 was among the bounty hunters commissioned by Darth Vader to hunt down and capture the Millennium Falcon after the Battle of Hoth. IG-88 is one of five droids created by Holowan scientists, who deliberately programmed the units to maximize their freedom of action in combat. This experiment proved tragic when, upon activation, the new IG prototypes eliminated their programmers and escaped to fulfill whatever mission lie within their distorted metallic intellects. IG-88's programming has caused it to value Imperial credits over organic life, making it a devastatingly efficient hunting machine. It is loaded down with a mass of heavy weaponry such as a heavy blaster and blaster rifle as well as a flamethrower, sonic stunner and grenade launcher.

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