Padmé Amidala (Ilum) - The Legacy Collection #12, 2008

Padmé Amidala


This character (based on the first Clone Wars TV series) is definitely a fan favorite and Hasbro has released several different version of it so far. This version however stands out because it features lots of articulation, a nice facial sculpt, a removable hard-plastic hood, and a removable soft-goods cloak. Padme's blaster fits nicely into the holster, and the figure can stand securely by itself. In particular, the edge of the cloak is very nicely done. If you don't own one of the "Snow Bunny" Padme's yet, you should consider getting this one.


Quick-thinking and brave, Padme has made a career out of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. On Ilum, her sharp eye and keen mind, along with a thermal detonator, save her from an ambush by a squad of heavily armed chameleon droids.

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