Clone Trooper (Senate Security) - The Clone Wars Collection 2008

Clone Trooper


Yet again Hasbro re-uses the basic white animated Clone Trooper mold for this figure, so there is little to complain about. The figure is super articulated, incl. the ball-jointed waist, the figure stands securely without extra help, and the blaster rifle fits tightly into the troopers hands. One of the biggest drawbacks is that this figure was pretty expensive and retailed for $14.99 at release. It was offered exclusively at San Diego Comic Con in 2008, and was later sold through the website. Overall it's a good, but overpriced figure.


Advertising text from year at Comic-Con Int'l in San Diego, StarWarsShop had something special for the fans and collectors: The exclusive Senate Guard action figure developed by Hasbro. With a brand new sculpt with red deco, this figure was the very first Clone Wars figure available in the world sporting all-new The Clone Wars blue and white packaging. It is an accurate depiction of the Senate Guard as seen in the new animation series you have been hearing so much about. And now, it is available online to you, our loyal StarWarsShop patrons.

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