Giran (Rancor Keeper) - The Legacy Collection #21, 2009



This Giran figure was released individually carded during the Legacy Collection in 2009's Return Of The Jedi wave. Giran can be seen in Jabba's Palace, right after Luke Skywalker kills the Rancor.

This Nikto guard is super articulated with 14 joints, including ball-joints in the neck, shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles. The figure stands securely on its own without the need for a stand. The flask and the pouches on Giran's belt are molded into the belt and can't be removed. Hasbro included a force pike with the figure which fits quite well into both hands. The headdress is made out of soft plastic and can easily be removed or put over the head. It looks cool both ways.

The paint application is well done with various brownish shades on the body which give the figure a somewhat dirty and used look. The details on Giran's outfit look fantastic, and the facial sculpt with a leathery-skin look is very well done as well! Overall, this Giran figure is well worth the money! It has 14 joints, it has never been done before, and it'll add some nice variety to your Jabba's Palace set up!


Giran is a Nikto Guard who helps Malakili take care of the vicious rancor in the chamber below Jabba's lair. A warrior species with a reputation for shady activities, the Nikto are loyal to the Hutts and work in Jabba's palace and on his sail barge.

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