Biker Scout (Hoth Speeder Bike Patrol) - The Legacy Collection 2008

Biker Scout


This is yet again another great action figure from Hasbro. The figure is based on the VOTC Biker Scout action figure, minus the little blaster holster down by the troopers foot. The character design itself is pretty cool, but was never seen in any of the movies. The set contained 2 troopers, each with two blasters and a speeder bike. The paint jobs are great, the figures can stand securely by themselves, and they can hold the weapons tightly. Most importantly, they can actually sit on the speeder bikes! Overall this is a superb figure!


The Rebels establish Echo Base on the cold and inhospitable planet of Hoth. When an Imperial probe droid locates the base, Darth VaderGÇÖs Death Squadron arrives with AT-AT walkers, snowtroopers and scout troopers, who pour over icy landscape to attack the valiant Rebels. As large weapons blast the base, scout troopers provide mobile reinforcements for the invading stormtroopers.The one-man Speeder Bike vehicles are capable of amazing speed and superb maneuverability in the capable control of Imperial scout troopers. These Scout troopers wear special armor designed for the cold climate. They patrol the area on speeder bikes to keep track of the RebelsGÇÖ movements.

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